In the distant future, Humanity has mastered space travel and joined the intergalactic community run by an alliance known as the Galactic Board for Interplanetary Peace. While none of the GBIP species have their own military, there is still a need for a peacekeeping force. Thus, the Arbiters were created.

You have just joined the Arbiter ranks—whether you wanted to or not. This prestigious position comes with a fair amount of perks, including your own ship and crew. However, it’s also the most dangerous job in the galaxy. When a small colony faces an attack from an unknown source, you’re sent to investigate. What you uncover reveals a danger far greater—and far closer to home—than you could have ever expected.

  • A fully customizable MC - Choose your name, pronouns, appearance, background, personality, etc.
  • A varied cast of aliens and humans alike (4 of whom you can smooch).
  • Approach missions in ways that play to your strengths—or not. Failure may be just as fun as succeeding.
  • An in-depth personality and stats system that creates variation in scenes depending on how you develop your MC.
  • A glossary that builds as you play the game, providing extra information on everything from alien species to new technology.
  • Name your ship! :)

  • Commander Alex Kuang (F/M/NB - Player Determined): Your closest friend and newly-appointed first officer. They’ve already made a name for themselves throughout the Galactic Alliance for being both the top recruit in your class as well as painfully gorgeous. Only a select few know what their cool façade is really covering.
  • Flight Lieutenant Sam Channing (F/M - Player Determined):  Your new pilot—the best in the Alliance if the rumors are to be believed. While they never seem to take anything seriously, their open and carefree personality makes them wildly popular amongst just about everyone but their superiors.
  • Lieutenant Nereus of the Soundless Deep (M): Your communications specialist and sole Otnean crew member. Although his appearance may be initially frightening to those unused to being around one of his species, he is the CommSpec for a reason—and a damn good one. Looks can be deceiving, after all.
  • Chief Engineer Katalina Lindbeck (F): Your ship’s head mechanic—your ship’s only mechanic if she has anything to say about it. Her coarse exterior may be a turn-off to some, but others find her blunt honesty refreshing. She also happens to be a notorious flirt with a heartbreaker reputation.



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GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withTwine
TagsLGBT, Narrative, Romance, Sci-fi, Twine
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Quality openint to an IF, I'm super excited for your next updates!

thanks so much!!  i’m hoping to get a content update out soon  💖

This sounds really fun!! I really hate saying this but I did notice one thing: 
So basically I chose the shortest character and it was mentioned she was surprised at having to look down to look at Gilly. But then the Otnean came and he was tall, and she was surprised that he was taller than her. So the height system as far as I have read is still a little shaky. 

But seriously I love that Otnean lol. He's just... tall. Too tall. And Gilly just seems so sweet and awesome at her job :D I just hope the pilot doesn't crash us all by sleeping on the job LOL 


yeah, i finally worked that bug out just a little bit ago so it should be fixed now!! hopefully.

glad you're enjoying it so far!! thanks for reading 💖


Yeah, no worries that's why I hated saying it because I don't want to sound like the annoying player that goes 'bUgS' 
I really enjoyed it! I found I can't focus myself very well at all the times, but from what I did catch, which is quite a lot the main character's friend also seems so sweet and supportive :D The characters just seem awesome. You know what this reminds me of? That one show,,, uh... that one comedy show with the ship... The Orville! That's it, that's what this reminds me of ^^ 


This is giving me Mass Effect(game) vibe which im in love with.Progression and interactions are really good.Not boring you or feel empty.Great things will happen cause setting has alot of promise.Im curious how friendship/romance will develop between characters or will they betray us if we antagonize them throughout the story? Im looking forward to new updates.Thank you for starting such great story :)

you won’t even have to antagonize a character to get them to betray you 🥰 thanks so much for reading!!

An extremely promising start so far, and as someone who grew up on Star Trek (and other classic science fiction) and loved the Mass Effect trilogy, it feels like you've really nailed that aesthetic so far! The prose is clean yet descriptive and the characters are engaging, with a good mix of human and alien; as someone who loves worldbuilding, lore and reading anything with text attached, I'm looking forward to the S:R version of the Codex! I'm intrigued by the mystery of the MC's brother, and I appreciated the brief discussion as to why Human ships have less species diversity, noting the pragmatic reasons (high Human population, easier to make the ship fit human and human-sized species) rather than the genre-typical answers, which either don't address the demographics of a typical ship or just go "Xenophobia!" It seems like a small thing, but I think it indicates the depth of thought you're putting into this, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. I'm looking forward to seeing where this project goes!


this is so sweet and thoughtful, thank you so much!! i’m excited to keep expanding and exploring this little universe with you all 💖

Cannot wait to read more! Thank you very much for writing ^^

thank you very much for reading!!

Help, how to go back to settings, saves, etc. after the game is already displayed? I don't see any button

hey! you're able to access the menu again after you finish "designing" your character 💖

😅 thank you!